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Recently I received a note from a woman whose son has Muscular Dystrophy. She was inquiring about some of our Premium, Raw Bee Pollen on Ebay. I am publishing my response for others with similar questions.

Here is her original note:


   I'm interested in your Bee Pollen. I appreciated all of
   your extra information that you included in your ebay ad.
   I'm interested in using on my son who has Muscular
   Dystrophy as well as the rest of my family.


      1) Can you please let me know What is your reserve price?

      2) About how long did it take to start feeling a difference
         in your body.?


What is disease?

Consider the word dis-ease. Simple meaning. Being uncomfortable or "other than at ease". Muscular Dystrophy definitely falls into the uncomfortable category.

The Medical Model

The medical model defines Muscular Dystrophy as a collection of 40+ muscle diseases with several commonalities:

  1. The disease is marked by weakness and deterioration of muscles.
  2. The disease may or may not be inherited.
  3. The disease *always* becomes progressively worse. There is no cure.
  4. Treatment includes "exercise, physical therapy and orthopedic devices (wheel chairs) to make the person as independent as possible.

Reading medical texts generally causes me to shake my head and laugh, then wonder how anyone could commit themselves into the hands of *most* physicians. I say *most*, because there are some physicians who are worth their weight in gold. Most however rely on their medical education for what they believe about health and healing. Unfortunately this means drugging or cutting, with the only possibility of a decline in health over years.

What got me laughing about Muscular Dystrophy was reading pages of theory about how Muscular Dystrophy is an inherited, genetic defect. Then, a single line saying, "oh by the way, you can get this out of the blue too, so we haven't a clue what really causes it." Yes, I am paraphrasing.

I also enjoyed the view of Muscular Dystrophy getting worse over time. A more accurate way of saying this is, "If you do what the medical model suggests as treatment, Muscular Dystrophy gets worse over time".

Seems like the better part of valor to try another approach.

An Alternative Model

My view is different. To me Muscular Dystrophy is a body's way of speaking about some important areas of health which currently require upgrading.

The question, "what is a body with Muscular Dystrophy saying and how can we make use of its message?"

Listening to Muscular Dystrophy

My experience, as a health researcher since 1975, supports Arnold Ehret's work. He puts forth the pipes and tube model of health. So long as nutrients flow into cells easily and waste flows out easily, we enjoy great health and energy. Dis-ease is localized congestion or constipation of toxins. In other words, a clogging of a pipe or tube.

Using Ehret's model, Muscular Dystrophy appears to result from malnutrition in the parent's diet (if inherited) or their own diet (if they get it out of the blue).

Specifically malnutrition related to Essential Fatty Acids (Vitamin E, CoQ10) and associated minerals (selenium). There is probably also a deficiency of enzymes and B-complex vitamins.

Premium, Raw Bee Pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and lecithin, which will also assist with muscle regeneration. However a thorough upgrade of health will probably be required to reverse Muscular Dystrophy and regenerate muscle tissue.

Comprehensive Regeneration Program

My recommendation of a regenerative program follows. I speak from my own personal experience of healing myself of systemic arthritis and related premature aging symptoms, which can be related to Muscular Dystrophy. I strongly suggest reducing or eliminating cooked food, grain products and complex proteins. If you must eat any of these items use Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics every day.

Air Recommendations

Breath fresh, pure air. If you live in a badly polluted area, move. Open windows at night and in your car when driving, unless pollution is bad. The interior of homes and cars is usually much more polluted than outside air, because of synthetic building materials. We'll be adding an industrial strength air purifier to our catalog soon.

Fluid Recommendations

Any fluids taken in should be of highest quality, since we our bodies are primarily water. Space is limited here, so I will keep it short, especially about Urine Therapy. Suffice it to say, both Yemiah and I use all these fluids on a daily basis. If our physical radiance and appearance is appealing, you may choose to try these also:

  1. Fresh, Pure Water: Usually with Crystal Energy added to increase cellular penetration.
  2. High Water Content Food: This means Raw/Live (no cooking) with a good mix of watermelon, mangos, tomatoes, cucumbers and juicy fruit.
  3. Urine Therapy: Drinking your own urine, especially first morning as this is when the concentration of minerals and hormones is highest. If you think this is odd, check the source of many drugs. The most effective heart medicine ($1000/month) and fertility drug ($1200/month) are both distilled from the liquid portion of material reclaimed from porta-potties by the company Enzymes of America. So you can drink your own urine or buy a mixture of other people's urine for $1000s/month.
  4. Young Coconut Water: The best treat you can give your body. Rich in the highest quality Essential Fatty Acids and electrically charged (active/living) water.

Food Recommendations

  1. Fresh and Live: Meaning foods prepared at room temperature or low heat dehydration. If you're new to Live Food you may choose to attend one of Yemiah's Gourmet Live Food Classes or one of her videos, as they become available.
  2. Wild Foods: Which includes herbs and grasses. You can eat pretty much any wild greens and grasses you find growing. Try one bite and let your body tell you if the wild food you are tasting is for you.
  3. Heating Foods: To increase digestive fire (enhance digestion), which includes ginger, garlic and the fantastic Chinese Schisandra Fruit (soon to be in our catalog).
  4. Sun Dried Sea Salt: Which aids in breaking down food by increasing Hydrochloric Acid and balancing intestinal tract function.
  5. Sea Weeds: Dulse and Wakame which are similar to sea salt with additional minerals and pigments, which are required in small amounts just like rare trace minerals.
  6. Young Coconuts: The health benefits of Young Coconuts could fill volumes. Consider the "island glow" people enjoy living in the tropics. Many islands are volcanic, supporting a diet mainly of coconuts and sea vegetables. These are the places where "island glow" is most pronounced. If you desire a more youthful body, Young Coconuts are your ticket.

Supplement Recommendations

  1. Superfoods: Like Super Blue Green Algae which has been shown to regenerate defective or tired DNA (genetic material) and Premium, Raw Bee Pollen.
  2. Digestive Enzymes: Which aids with digestion.
  3. Protease Enzymes: Which purifies blood.
  4. Probiotics: Which balances colon ecology (bacteria balance). This is very important as the majority of B-complex vitamins, especially B-12 is produced in your intestine, by good bacteria.

Other Recommendations

Enjoy a good balance of activity (exercise and movement) and rest. Activity is important to tone muscles and serve as the pump for your lymphatic system to drain toxins out of the body. Rest is important as this is when our tissue regenerates.

Eat during daylight hours. When the sun sets, our bodies transition into regeneration mode. If we eat food during this time, our regeneration cycle is interrupted by digestion, which takes more energy than a good run. Best this energy to be put toward repair and regeneration of muscles.

Get plenty of natural sunlight. As your diet improves you may find any light sensitivity disappears. And if you are eating and drinking plenty of Young Coconuts, you will have plenty of natural sunscreen, inside your skin.

Reduce electrical energy around your body, especially when you sleep. Trade in your radio alarm for a battery powered watch or wind up clock.

Attitude and Language may be the most important items. We'll be talking about this in future issue of Live Feast Magazine. In general, surround yourself with positive people and positive input. If you have to watch/listen to news (why? is it ever different?) then do so in the middle of the day, rather then right before bed.

Summary and Final Recommendation

In summary, keep your pipes and tubes clean, feed yourself raw, live air, liquids and foods. Supplement with Superfoods, plant based enzymes and probiotics. Keep your life in balance.

My final recommendation is you email join@RadicalHealth.com to keep up on the leading edge of Alternative Health by way of Live Feast Magazine.

Aloha for now. I look forward to meeting you in person someday soon.

- David Favor, david@davidfavor.com or 512-280-5802.